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Hydrotherapy Pool

Water has many useful properties and swimming in a warm controlled environment promotes these. As the water presses against the body and limbs of a swimmer, the pressure (known as hydrostatic pressure) supports joints and muscles increasing the range of movement, promotes improved circulation and even has an anti-inflammatory effect that relieves pain and reduces swelling. The resistance of the water, as we swim through it, builds muscles, burns calories and improves cardiovascular fitness.

We only swim dogs with veterinary referral and/or permission.

Assisted Swim Assisted Swim

Why Choose Us?

Our 6m x 3m pool is heated to 28-30 degrees. We swim in the pool with the dogs, giving us much more control and a hands-on approach that cannot be equalled from outside the pool.

All of our hydrotherapists hold an ABC Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals and each one is a member of the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH).

Since our initial hydrotherapy training, we have all completed a minumum of 20 hours continued professional developement (CPD) each year. If you would like to view our qualifications and training please click here.

We are experienced dog handlers, especially adept with nervous dogs and are very good at getting the best from our patients.

You are welcome to view our facilities and speak to one of our hydrotherapists prior to booking any treatments.

Prices From 7th August 2022

Assisted Swim 35.00
1 Hydrotherapist
Assisted Swim 53.00
2 Hydrotherapists
Puppy Swim 23.50
1 Hydrotherapist
Fitness Swim 26.00
Hydrotherapist present
Water Treadmill 53.00
2 Hydrotherapists
Water Treadmill 70.50
3 Hydrotherapists

Pay for 10 sessions in advance and get the eleventh for free.

Hydrotherapy can be effective for the following conditions:

Arthritis; Cardiovascular fitness; DM (Degenerative Myelopathy); Cruciate ligament injuries; DJD (Degenerative Joint Disorder); Elbow dysplasia; Fractures; Hip dysplasia; Muscle Atrophy; Muscle spasms; Neurological damage; Obesity; Pain; Pre and post operative conditioning; Spinal injuries; Stiffness; Swelling.

We are NARCH Registered.