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All of the kennels have underfloor heating, skylights and ample covered external runs. 6 of our kennels are roomy enough to hold 3 large dogs.

There are 2 separate artificial turf paddocks and each dog has access to one of these, 7 times each day. Twice a day we have a fully supervised playtime where, with the owner's consent we mix social dogs together.

Our hydrotherapy and kennels experience allows us to deal with any kind of canine medical problem or disability. If you are in any doubt, talk to us about your concerns and let us put your mind at rest

All dogs must have current certificates for annual booster vaccinations and kennel cough, which you will need to bring with you. We do not take any animal with an infectious disease.

Prices from 5th November 2023

Small Dogs
1 Dog 30.00
Each additional dog sharing 16.00

Medium Dogs
1 Dog 30.50
Each additional dog sharing 16.50

Large Dogs
1 Dog 31.00
Each additional dog sharing 17.00

Giant Dogs
1 Dog 31.50
Each additional dog sharing 17.50

Prices are on a per kennel per night basis.

These prices include food, 24 hour heating and insurance.

Day boarding rates are as above.